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Goto the Home PageSee how to Contact UsSee who we are       See our Privacy PolicySee what our Terms of Use are is a site designed to empower you the home buyer by providing information about available down payment assistance and other special financing programs, to pre-qualify you for those programs, and then to link you to the lenders that have the programs you qualify for.   All this is available in one placeÖ

Most down payment assistance web sites only provide information on a single program or a list of program information and phone numbers for you to call.  You still have to do all or most of the work. How do you really know what you qualify for?  The typical process is to call multiple lenders on the phone, learning what questions to ask, sharing all of your personal information with multiple lenders before you even know if you may qualify for their program.  After countless hours spent researching, it may be possible for you to eventually find a program but are you willing to gamble with the largest purchase of your life?

We have done the work so you donít have too! actually helps you with the qualification process.  When you complete the home buyer profile we take your information and compare it to multiple program guidelines all at once.  Most programs have multiple guidelines you must meet to qualify.  Some of these guidelines are as standard as your credit, income and debt.  Others, and more common with down payment assistance or government subsidized programs, are based on household size, income and sales price limits, the property location and other criteria.  How do you know which programs you may qualify for? does the search so you donít have too.

It is our belief that most home buyers want to be educated about their options so they are able to make an informed decision but they do not want to become an "expert" on all available programs within the community they want to live in.  Your goal is to purchase a home, using a financing program that meets your goals whether that is getting the lowest rate and payment, minimizing your cash investment to purchase the home, or both and to complete the search process in a timely, efficient manner.

Not all lenders or loan officers are created equally!  If you need to have heart surgery are you going to let your family physician perform the surgery?  Although you probably trust your family doctor, of course not!  You are going to see a specialist.  Someone that specializes in the procedure you need to have performed.  It is the same with mortgages.  Your success in financing the largest purchase of your life depends on selecting a loan officer/lender that specializes in the type of program you need.  We help guide you to that specialist. 



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